Invaders Slots

Invaders Slots is an online casino game that takes you back to a time when the highly mysterious and secret Area 51 was a much debated subject among many alien and UFO enthusiasts. You will be drawn into its captivating science fiction story when you spine the game's 5 slot reels and place symbol combinations on 1 to 20 win-lines. It is Betsoft Gaming that has created this thrilling slot title that has a mysterious otherworldly atmosphere, a colorful design and compelling slot reel symbols. Play this game today and discover if aliens and big profits really exist.

Aliens Have Taken Over the Slot Reels

The theme of Invaders slots is built around an often used story-line that will most likely be familiar to you if you watch a lot of science fiction movies or read a lot of books about the genre. Evil aliens are invading our planet and you are the appointed hero who needs to make sure that they will not succeed with their mission.

It is an age old story but it is a powerful one that stands the test of time, because people have always been fascinated about the possibility that we are not alone in the universe. Casino software producer Betsoft Gaming has cleverly tapped into that fascination with this alien themed slot game and its symbol set that includes aliens, the area 51 sign, the spaceship and the red planet. The atmosphere is further enhanced thanks to the use of typical alien and deep space game frame and symbol colors like for example dark blue and slimy green.

Special Features That Will Not Leave You in the Dark

This slot might display the earth in its darkest moment, but it will certainly not leave you in the dark in terms of lucrative winning opportunities. There are many ways how you can win prizes with it, and the wild attribute, the invade multiplier feature, scatter pays and the bonus round are your best bets if you want to make big profits.

You will start to make those profits as soon as the aliens start their attack, because the newspaper announcement of their arrival is your wild attribute in this game. This attribute can morph into another symbol that you need in order to complete a combination on the reels. It only applies this trick on non-feature symbols. The multiplier logo the scatter icon and the bonus round symbol cannot be changed into other reel attributes.

You can use the initiate icon to activate the invade multiplier feature. With the help of this feature, you can multiply your active pay-line wins 5 to 50 times. Also watch out for the asteroid icon that will cross the reels from time to time. Pays are triggered when this big chunk of rock shows up on any slot machine reel in any displayed symbol combination. Lastly, this game also has a bonus round triggering icon, and you will learn more about that symbol in the section below.

Let the Bonus Round Beam You up to a Second Profit Making Screen

Like many of its fellow Betsoft slot titles, this game also has a bonus round that will transport you to a another screen. In this case, you will be abducted to that screen by the invaders bonus round, which is triggered by the display of a big spaceship that hovers above a house. This symbol needs to be spun three times in order for it to be powerful enough to beam you up and take you on a thrilling and exciting bonus trip. During that trip, you will have the opportunity to make extra profits.

Make Proper Bet Adjustments in Your Mission Control Center

You have to play it smart if you want to send the aliens back to space and win out of this world casino slot machine cash prizes. In order for you to reach these objectives, you have been given the command of a sophisticated spinning machine that will help you to complete your objects. This machine has a command bar that lets you adjust the coin denomination, the number of activate lines and the activate credits per pay-line. Additionally, it has also a function that lets you automatically spin with a maximum bet.

Your coin denomination options are $0.02, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25 and $0.50. In terms of active win-lines, you can choose a number between 1 and 20, and you can play with 1 to 5 coin bets per pay-line. When you are satisfied about the bet settings, then you can click on the big UFO 'spin' button on the bottom right side of the screen so that the reels will become active. And if you want to see what you can win with your spins, then a click on 'paytable' will reveal a detailed overview of the payouts and the symbol combinations that trigger them.

In your very own mission control center, you will be constantly kept up to date about your bet and spinning developments thanks to the 'balance', 'credits', 'total bet' and 'winner paid' display boxes. So all in all, you have all the tools at your disposal to make this alien defeating, profit hunting mission a big success. However, don't forget to bring some luck to the battle as well, because that is always a good asset to have on your side.

It Is Time to Give ET a Run for His Money

Now that you've learned everything that you need to know about Invaders Slots from Betsoft Gaming, it is time to give ET a run for his money. Let those pesky aliens know that you are a force to be reckoned with, and strike up the profits when you have finally spun them back to their own planet. The only invasion that you should allow to happen is an invasion of coins into your casino bank account, and this game can certainly trigger such a fortunate event.