Lost Slots

Who doesn't like a good treasure hunting adventure that involves ancient tombs, legendary mummies and long lost treasures? With Lost Slots you can go fully Indiana Jones on the slot reels, except for the fact that the daring exploring in this adventure and exploring themed story is called Dr. Dakota Bones, who is on a bold pharaoh treasure discovering mission together with his loyal companion Farooq.

Together, they have ventured of into unexplored regions of the dessert where they hope to find the legendary pharaoh Ah-Amdad's tomb. Legend has it that this tomb is filled with extraordinary treasures. Play this Slots3 casino entertainment title from Betsoft Gaming and join the two man on an adventure that will bring riches to all of you. But beware not to awake the original owner of the lost treasures as he might not be so happy that you've come to take away his precious artifacts.

Step Into the Beautifully Designed World of Lost Slots

Lost Slots shows you a beautifully designed slot game world. The spinning action takes place at the site of an ancient Egyptian tomb. The reels are surrounded with artifacts and ruins. Other themed elements are displayed as symbols on the reels. These symbols come to life when you make winning hits with them. They will entertain you with 3D animations and enrich you with lucrative rewards. Furthermore, an animated Dr. Bones is also present on the left side of the reels. He will always be at your side while you spin your way to profits and experience great adventures.

Explore an Ancient Tomb That Is Filled With Profitable Symbols

Once again, Betsoft has created a slot machine game that is filled with original and fun symbols. There are many of them so you will have lots of opportunities to make great wins, especially if you play your spins with the maximum coin value ($1.00), the maximum number of win-lines (30) and the maximum number of coins per win-line (5). You will then have the opportunity to win one of the game's top prizes, which will be handed out by the adventurous Dr. Dakota Bones himself. Make 5 hits with him on the slot reels and take home the amazing 2500 times line bet multiplying treasure.

The creepy image of the pharaoh Ah-Amdad's is one that you usually not want to encounter, especially not in a dark tomb, but you will love it when it pops up on the reels of this game. This is because the legendary mummy is worth a top multiplier reward of 1000. The companion of Dr. Bones is also a welcome figure on the reels, because he can help you to gain as much as 500 times the wager per pay-line if you make five reel spin hits with him.

And while exploring the crypt of the pharaoh, you should make sure that you hit the sharp edged pendulum instead of that it knocks you out. 5 of these pendulums in a left to right row trigger a 375 times multiplier reward. 5 dog hits provide a slightly lower payout multiplier of 250 and you can make a top multiplier hit of 125 with the ankh. The lowest paying non-feature icon is a water bottle with a top multiplier payout of 50.

Discover Special Features During Your Spinning Adventures

Besides regular, non-feature icons, this game will also surprise you with special symbols that trigger extra game features. One of those symbols is the staff icon. This attribute will activate the center wild reel when it occupies a spot on the center slot reel after a spin. The wild will then spread itself out over the whole center reel. It will then function as a two times wild for every reel attribute that is not the bonus round triggering symbol or the monkey click me feature icon. With the help of this wild, you will be able to multiply your spinning gains by two.

The second special bonus icon is the display of a monkey. It needs to land on a fourth reel position in order for it to activate the monkey click me bonus round. You will then see the monkey jumping around on the screen while he uncovers the rewards that are attached to the reel symbols that you pick.

The third extra feature icon is the hieroglyphic display of an eye. You need to spin this icon four times on any reel spot if you want to play the mummy's tomb bonus feature. In this bonus round, you will assist the treasure hunter. He needs to open the right door, but caution is advised since there are rumors about mummies that wander around in this section of the tomb.

There is one last feature that you can benefit from when you spin the reels of this game. It is called the center reel re-spins feature and it lets you win extra credits after wins take place. Complete a winning symbol combination and you will notice that the reel in the center will make another spin so that you have a chance to make even bigger profits. Pay attention to the payout multiplier display at the top right side of the screen, because it will show an increase in multiplier rewards after every re-spin that takes place. The highest rewarded multiplier is a five times increase of your win. Re-spins take place until you stop making wins.

Become the next great treasure hunting adventurer

If you've ever dreamed of becoming the next Indiana Jones or Lara Croft, then this is your chance. Lost Slots will awaken the true adventurer in you and it can make you rich as well. Look for it at online Betsoft Gaming casinos and take advantage of the many thrilling, cash making opportunities that it provides. Also, be sure to give it some practice spins in the free mode version if you're not yet familiar with all that it has to offer.