It Came From Venus Slots

Skeeter is working outside at his farm when suddenly his world turns upside down. What on earth just happened, or perhaps the better question would be what just happened to find its way to the earth and where did it come from? The answer is revealed in the name of the 3D slot machine that is built around this unique event. That game is called It Came From Venus Slots, which is a creation from the always original casino software producer Betsoft Gaming.

When you start playing this video slot title, you will find out that Skeeter's guest from Venus is a giant alien plant. Unfortunately for this plant, it is not only Skeeter that knows of its arrival on earth. The army has taken notice as well and it is very dedicated to catch this vegetable from outer space. Will the farmer be able to hide his green guest from the military or will the soldiers show up on the farm themed reels? Start to spin those reels and you might soon receive some answers. And besides those answers, you will also be able to find some precious coin rewards.

Plant Based and Coin Based Casino Fun

It Came From Venus Slots is a plant based and coin based slot title that is built around a strange extraterrestrial vine from outer space. This big plant seems to be already fully grown but it will help you to grow your profits as well. These profits can grow very big indeed, and they can even sprout into jackpot rewards. So go ahead and put yourself on this plant and coin based diet, because it will prove to be very healthy for your wallet, especially if you manage to spin the right symbol combinations on the reels.

Symbol Seeds That Can Sprout Into Coin Blossoming Combinations

With the help of this game, you can place symbol seeds on the slot reels so that they can sprout into coin blossoming combinations. There is one seed in particular that you should look out for as it is not an ordinary one. It is the alien plant that hands out the jackpot reward if you spin it five times on the reels.

Skeeter the farmer is also skilled in making your bankroll grow, because he rewards you with a top prize of 1250 times the wager per pay-line. Some of the other profitable icons are the army officer and the scarecrow, which can both give you a top multiplier reward of 750, and the army vehicle with its maximum multiplier reward of 600.

Keep in mind that the mentioned top cash rewards can only be won if you place your wagers with the maximum number of activated pay-lines and the highest number of bet credits per win-line. Read on if you want to learn more about how those wager denominations can be put on maximum.

Fertilize Your Bets to Harvest the Most Coins

In order to harvest the biggest amounts of coins, you need to fertilize your bets. Boost your wagers with the help of a clickable coin value function, the bet per line option and the select lines button. Click on 'choose coin' to determine your coin value. The options for this function are $0.02, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50 and $1.00. Once you've made your choice, you can proceed to the next adjustment option, which is the 'bet per line' button with its plus and minus keys that give you the option to choose between 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 coins per pay-line. The next available button is 'select lines'. This function also lets you click on either a plus or a minus. The minimum number of active lines per bet is one and the maximum is 30.

The next game play key on the command bar is the 'spin' button, which of course is the button that starts all the action when you click on it. Now if all those adjustments seem like a bit too much work for you, then you can also click on 'bet max spin' so that a spin with the highest wager will automatically take place. The last game play button on the bottom of the screen is the 'double up' key. You will learn more about this lucrative option in the section below.

Double Your Casino Slot Profits

You can make your wins extra profitable with the help of the 'double up' key. This button becomes active when you've successfully made a win. It can be found under the 'spin' key. A second game screen will open when you click on it, and a toss game will take place on it. Make the right choice and your profits will be doubled. Keep in mind that the double up function will not become active when you just won a jackpot, played with free games or enjoyed a bonus round on a second screen.

More Special Features and Game Details

Besides the already discussed perks, this game will also let you benefit from special feature elements like the feed me free spins bonus round, random wild multipliers, scatter pays, stacked collapsing wins, and a save the plant bonus round. Click on 'paytable' at the top of the screen if you want to learn all the details of these special game features. The paytable also provides you with an overview of the available symbols and their matching payouts.

Profit Making Opportunities From Outer Space

In this game, a plant comes from Venus and brings along his profit making opportunities from outer space. Playing this game provides you with a unique chance to win coins in a fun and entertaining game environment that will captivate you by its beautiful design and its many features. Play It Came From Venus Slots for free on the Betsoft Gaming Website or go to any of the casinos that work with this software provider and start to make your profits in real cash games.