Mad Scientist Slots

Some scientists are a bit mad and some are madder than others. Some of them search cures for diseases and others just want to find a machine, formula or potion that turns everything into gold. Dr. Walter Prescott is obsessed with the latter objective. He has locked himself up in his laboratory for a long time, but all his hard work and experiments have now lead him to a big success that will soon make him very rich.

Luckily, you can also become very rich if you use his laboratory and perform some of your own experiments. The laboratory in Betsoft Gaming’s Mad Scientist Slots is your very own tool that can turn things into gold. Use this game to line up slot symbols in scientifically correct combinations and you will discover your own gold making formulas. And don't forget to mix in some special features, like the Wild'o'Cution bonus attribute, the scatter pays icon, the bio click me on-reel bonus logo and the second screen feature, because they can speed up the gold making process significantly.

Switch on Lucrative Scatter Pays

You can use the switch icon to turn on scatter pays. In order to benefit from those pays, you need to see a minimum of three switch symbols on slot reel positions. It does not matter on which position, reel or pay-line these switches appear as long as you make sure that you spin at least three of them on the game screen.

Try to Make Golden Profits in the Test Tube Scatter Bonus Round

Three scatter test tube symbols on random slot reel positions and activated win-lines will open up the mad scientist great experiment bonus feature. In this bonus round, you will work together with Dr. Prescott while he conducts a final experiment with his game changing turn-to-gold-serum. You are tasked to pick an object so that the experiment can begin. The scientist will put a little bit of his special serum on the chosen item. That item will then become either bronze, silver or gold. You will receive your earned profits when all the available objects are chosen and the scientific test has come to an end. The normal reel spinning game will then continue.

Make Nuclear Profits With the Bio Pick Me Bonus

Extra casino credits can be won via the bio pick me bonus. With the help of this bonus, you can win a minimum of 125 credits and up to a maximum of 175 credits that will instantly be rewarded. These credits will be multiplied with the wager per pay-line and with the number of pay-lines where your special feature combination shows up. The bio pick me symbol looks like a round shaped nuclear logo.

Create Electrifying Wins With the Wild'o'Cution Feature

You will trigger the electrifying Wild'o'Cution feature when you land Tesla coils on slot reels one and five and on win-line number one, two or three. When the feature starts, you will notice that the Tesla Coils become active. They will provide a shock that instantly affects the symbols that are positioned in between them. These symbols will transform into wilds, and the Tesla coins themselves will also turn into wilds because of the shock. You will then have more winning opportunities thanks to this shockingly good feature.

Chalk Down Those Wild Symbol Winnings

What would a professional scientist be without his or her good old chalkboard? Normally, the scientist uses such a board to chalk down a scientific revelation. However, in your case, you will use the board to place winning symbols combinations on the game screen. The chalkboard is the Mad Scientist Slot’s wild icon, and it can replace any symbol in a combination as long as it is not a Wild'o'Cution Tesla coil combination, a bio pick me logo, a scatter switch or the test tube bonus icon.

Make Winning Experiment With Non-Feature Symbols

All the special feature icons in this game provide an electrifying mix of profit making opportunities, but you can also make good wins with the available non-feature symbols. These symbols are the electric orb, the 'danger, high voltage' sign, the gigawatts meter, the atom symbol, the microscope and the scientific flask with the yellow substance. You can make the highest wins with the electric orb and the lowest ones with the scientific flask.

How to Conduct Your Betting Experiments

Before you start to turn your reel spins into gold, you need to learn how to conduct proper betting experiments so that you will be able to produce the best win results. If you want to improve those wager results, then you can use the 'bet per line' labeled beaker with the purple colored substance. Click on it and settle for one to five coins per pay-line. 'Further bet improvements can be made with the 'choose coin bet' label on the bottom left side of the screen. Click on this label and choose a $0.02, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0,50 or $1.00 coin denomination.

The next step in your experiment is the determination of the number of lines that need to be active during your spinning session. Click on the flask with the purple substance that is labeled 'select lines' and activate between one and 20 lines. Once this is done, you can switch on the spinning machine with the 'spin' button and sit back to study the outcome of your wager experiment. And if you want to speed up the whole bet experiment process, then you can also click on 'max bet'. A high stakes slot reel spin will then immediately take place.

Make Inventive Bets and Win Big

You can play Mad Scientist Slots in the online entertainment labs of many Betsoft games offering casino platforms. Once there, you can experiment with them for free or you can play them to discover real cash rewards. Just remember to play it smart, because the most inventive bets can put the biggest profits into your casino bankroll.