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Mobile Casino

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3 Games You Can Play at Online Casinos… Other Than Slots

When you arrive at an online casino, you can always count on finding dozens – if not hundreds – of slot games to play. Those games are the ones most players head for, but that doesn’t apply to everyone. If you ever like to try something different, you can probably work out why finding a casino populated with other games is a promising idea. Even if you play slots 364 days out of 365, you can still appreciate having other games available for those few occasions when you fancy a change. There are plenty of alternatives out there too, such as these:

Scratch cards

You know the scratch cards you usually buy from a store and scratch off with a coin, right? Well, you can play something very similar online too. You can use your cursor – or finger if you’re on a touchscreen – to get rid of the ‘foil’ to see what is underneath. That alone is good to do and makes the game better. You can still get instant prizes by doing this, yet instead of getting cash, you see the balance in your casino account go up. These games are great when you have a few spare moments to work with.

Table games

This is something of a catch-all title, giving you access to several games you would expect to spot in a real casino. Online casinos use powerful software to bring you as close to the action as possible, while still playing at your computer. The most obvious examples of such games are roulette, blackjack, and baccarat, but there are other ones to consider. A lot would depend on the casino you choose. Some have a handful of table games on offer whereas others have dozens of them. In the latter case, you would be more likely to spot

Video poker

This is worth mentioning because while it has clear similarities to regular poker games, it’s not as difficult to understand if you’re new. It combines the best parts of the slot games you love with the game of poker, so it’s ideal for anyone who is curious and wants to check out poker to see what it can offer. So, you can see that if you ever fancy a change to the usual online slot games you play, you just need to find a casino that gives you that opportunity. There are more games under the sun than you might have thought.

How to Play Free Online Slots with Bonuses

Do you like the idea of playing online slots, but you don’t want to spend money doing so? The good news is that these games are usually available to play free. You just need to make sure you look at this aspect before choosing a game. Most have demo versions or the chance to play for free, so you need to look for that option before you begin. Casinos do occasionally allow non-players to try these games. This is the easiest way to play them. However, in some cases – possibly dependent on your location – you may need a free play account to get access to the games. It shouldn’t take long to fulfil that requirement, although you may need to confirm your age before you can access the games.

Your next move

Once you’ve found some free slots, you need to see which ones include bonuses. The easiest way to do this is to see if you can use a casino that allows you to search via this method. If not, you can load a game in instant play mode and look at the paytable. This will tell you about all the symbols in the game. You can then see which ones are bonus triggers. There could be one or more depending on the slot game.

Think about which bonuses you most like to see

There are plenty of varied bonuses out there in the world of slots. Some of them take place within the game, maybe on the reels themselves. Others are simple Pick Me or Click Me features, where you either pick from a selection of boxes or items to reveal prizes or click one or more items to reveal prizes. The best bonuses in our opinion are the ones that are presented on another screen. If you are playing a 3D slot, these are even better. You’ll also get to take on a bonus challenge that relates to the theme, giving you access to something very different indeed. Are you ready to play free online slots with bonuses? Now you know how, it’s time to begin, right?