Mamma Mia Slots

Salvatore is an Italian chef who has a real passion for his job, which is cooking up delicious, traditional Italian meals for his restaurant guests. But he now faces a real challenge that could possibly endanger his profession and his reputation as a master chef. A feared food critic has just walked into his restaurant and it is up to the Italian chef to satisfy and impress this not so easy to please man. Mamma Mia what a pressure for the poor chef. Will he be up for the challenge? He might be if you help him to spin the most delicious meals and ingredients on the slot reels of Mamma Mia Slots. Help Salvatore to please the critic in this lovely 3D slot game, and he might be so thankful that he will put some irresistible rewards on your plate as well.

A Collection of Mouthwatering Slot Reel Symbols

The paytable of this game shows you an extensive menu of well-paying slot reel attributes. All of these attributes are related to food and the restaurant business. Most of them are truly mouthwatering to look at and they will all satisfy your taste for money. Look up their payout rewards at the paytable screen, and then start to place those symbol ingredients on the reels where they can form the perfect culinary and money making combinations.

Make sure that you play with the highest wager and payline values to fully benefit from the highest symbol payouts. At the top of the paytable, you will see chef Salvatore himself. He cooks up a top 2500 line bet multiplier reward. Normally, you would not like to see the overly serious food critic in your restaurant, but you will love it when he appears in a five time combination on the slot reels, because he is then worth a 1250 times multiplier prize. The waiter is also present on the reels to assist you and bring you the most tasty cash rewards. He recommends the 1000 times multiplier reward, which is the win result of a 5 times waiter combination spin. The next item on the paytable is a picture of the, hopefully delicious, dish that Salvatore has prepared. It is meant to please the food critic but it is also meant to please you with its top multiplier reward of 625.

If you crave for more irresistible treats after that dish, then you can pick up the menu and see what it has to offer. This menu shows you three cash rewards and the highest one is the 500 times line wager multiplier. The next item on the paytable depicts a newspaper article that announces the upcoming review of Salvatore's restaurant. This symbol also has a top multiplier reward of 500. Furthermore, what would a good Italian dinner be without a tasty glass of wine? The wine bottles are displayed on a slot reel symbol that has a maximum multiplier reward of 375. The same reward is attached to the soup that Salvatore is cooking. He is also chopping up vegetables in another symbol, and that icon is worth a top multiplier payout of 250.

What Else Is on Offer at the Paytable Menu

The already mentioned symbols are not all that is available on the paytable menu. Scroll further in the paytable section and you will see that a set of typical Italian food ingredients provides an even more stunning set of payouts that are connect to the pizza making free spins feature. You will especially be impressed by the Italian sausage with its top 5000 multiplier jackpot gift. The next item is a piece of mozzarella cheese that delivers another rich taste to the game. It comes with a top multiplier payout of 2500. Continue to cook up your cash dish with the black olives and their high 1250 multiplier payout.

And don't forget to slice up some bell peppers and place them on the reels as well. Preferably five times, because you will then trigger the 1000 times wager per line payout. Perhaps you also like to add some sliced onion wins to your bankroll, because they hand out a maximum multiplier reward of 750. Continue to cook up prizes with the sardines and their 500 times the wager per line reward, and finish it all off with a 250 times multiplier gift that become available when you spin 5 tomato slice icons on the reels.

Special Symbol Ingredients That Provide the Finishing Touch

Every chef has some secret ingredients that make a dish extra special. This game also provides you with some of those ingredients in the forms of special feature icons that trigger bonus elements. You can spin the pizza symbol at least three times on random reel spots to trigger free spins, and the food cover icon will launch the credits rewarding click me bonus round if you spin it three times or more. The wild will act as a symbol replacement item in combinations, and the opened menu (not to be confused with the already mentioned closed menu) triggers the critic bonus round if you land it on the screen three, four or five times.

Mamma Mia Slots Lets You Enjoy the Finer Things in Life

Mamma Mia Slots is a feel good game that is a perfect addition to the extensive game menu from Betsoft Gaming. It has gorgeous looking graphics, a warm atmosphere, lovely animations, a fun introduction video, delicious looking slot reel symbols and, most importantly, plenty of irresistible cash rewards and special features.

If you happen to be a food lover and a slot game enthusiast who enjoys the finer things in life, then this could very well be the perfect casino entertainment option for you. Pay a visit to Salvatore's virtual slot machine restaurant at a Betsoft powered casino platform, and indulge yourself in all the delicious and lucrative treats that the good chef will prepare for you on the reels.