House of Fun Slots

It is time for some suspense and you are going to get a full dose of it when you play the thrilling House of Fun Slots from the always brilliant casino software producer Betsoft Gaming. When it comes to 3D online slot gaming experiences, this game developer is one of the best in the industry. The company proves its craftsmanship once again with this creepy slot as it leaves no method unused to pull you into the game and keep you hooked.

From its suspenseful intro video to the thoroughly detailed design and from the fun animations to the original extra features, there is a lot to admire about this game. Make sure that you explore it by yourself if you are brave enough to do so, but listen carefully to the advice of the groundskeeper: "Take a look down yonder, but beware of the house of fun".

The Theme and the Story

House of Fun Slots is a spooky kind of game that features a couple and their dog. The car from Jane and Paul breaks down and they need to find some help. Together with Chip the dog, they discover a big and creepy looking house. Will there be someone at home that is willing to assist them or are they in for the most thrilling night of their life?

The latter will be the case and you will join the couple during their haunting adventure. But it will be more fun for you than it will be for them. Among other things, this game will give you an escape bonus round, the mad click me feature, which is hosted by the crazy house owner himself, and the jack-in-the-box themed free spins feature. During all this thrilling slot game delight, you will always be in the company of the three brave characters Chip, Jane and Paul, who are brought to life via the use of beautiful cinematic animations.

An original set of paytable Symbols

The symbols in this title are not the highest paying icons that you can find in online slot machine games. But much to Betsoft's credit, it keeps the paytable original so you will not see any filler icons like the commonly used card game symbols. On the paytable, you will see the full creep show displayed. You will get to make symbol combinations with the mad host, his two partners in scares, the groundskeeper, the mysterious cat, the gargoyle, the candles, the portrait and the mirror. From all of these icons, you can make the best non-feature win with the big headed man and the ugly dwarf. Both of them give a 750 times the wager per win-line top reward.

With all that being said, you should really expect to make some special wins with the bonus features. There are three of them in total so they form a royal package of bonus rounds that makes up for the fact that the non-feature icons do not reward you with 1000+ multiplier wins. These bonus features are triggered by special icons. Those special icons are the creepy looking door knocker, the mad host and the box with the question mark written on it.

Go crazy with eerie Special Feature icons

A grinning monster door knocker triggers the escape bonus round. Make at least three doorknocker hits on the reels and the bonus round will open up in front of you. When this happens you will see a couple of doors and it is up to you to choose the one that lets Jane and Paul escape from the haunted house.

Another bonus is triggered by the man with the hat, who seems to be the owner of the eerie house. He needs to hit the reels a minimum of three times on win-lines one, two or three in order for the mad click me bonus round to become active. In this round, you are required to click until you stumble upon collect. Additionally, the man with the head is also connected to a regular top payout reward of 600 times the wager per win-line if you spin him five times on the slot machine reels.

The third and last feature is a creepy one, because it revolves around the very evil looking jack-in-the-box figure. The box of this figure is the symbol that you need to place on the reels at least three times if you want to launch the jack free spins feature. When the free spins round is active, you will notice that the center slot reel functions as a wild.

How to Make the Best out of a Creepy Experience

If you volunteer to venture into a haunted house, then it is nice to know that you can not only walk out of it alive when the experience is over, but that you can also do that with a lot more cash in your pockets then when you went inside. In order to stuff your pockets as much as possible during this harrowing experience, it is wise to make big daring bets as well if your budget allows you to. Use the game adjustment button 'bet max' to automatically place a high wager, or activate as much lines with the 'select lines' button, and further increase the volume of your wagers with the help of the 'choose coin' and 'bet per line' function keys.

Freaks and Cash Rewards Team up to Surprise You

If freaky is your thing when it comes to slot game themes, then House of Fun Slots is the game you should play. Its main characters might be ugly and frightening, but its design is beautiful and inviting. Give the game a free practice run on Betsoft's own website, and then proceed to one of the online casinos that is powered by this game creator and start your real money betting adventure in a haunted house that not only hides freaks but also lucrative cash rewards.