Under the Bed Slots

Whoever thinks that there are no monsters hiding under the beds at night has not met Jesse and Jane the main characters in this 3D animated slots game that are scared of the many monsters that hide under their beds at night. Each spin of the reels sees many different monsters gracing the screen and Jesse and Jane cowering in the corner of the screen. There are a number of cute features to this game that contribute to winning possibilities and each of these features needs to be looked for individually in order that the player earns extra cash to use on the casino games.

Sticky Wild Feature

If three monsters appear on the screen with as glowing rim around them the sticky wild feature is activated. These three monsters flip over on the screen to reveal a wild symbol with a number. The number is the number of free spins or re - spins that the player has earned and during these re-spins the wild remains in place. Three of the bed symbols on the screen take players to a new screen where Jesse and Jane fight against the monsters in order to see who will win and the amount that will be paid to the player.

Free Spins and Double Up Option

The spooky door in the middle of the screen activates the free spins mode. During this players can earn up to 12 free spins and may also be lucky enough to activate them again. There is also an optional double up feature for players that want to try and increase their winnings. By choosing the double up feature the player is taken to new screen and invited to guess heads or tails on a coin that needs to be flipped. Guessing correctly doubles winnings but an incorrect guess loses the winnings for that bet. Players may double up for as long as they want or until they lose or end up reaching their gambling limit. An auto play button is another option for players who want to sit back and watch the animation of the game and not have to concentrate on pressing the spin button each time. This Under the Bed Slots is great fun as long as the player doesn't really believe in monsters.