Whospunit Slots

The Whospunit slots game is an interactive exciting 3D game with lots of mystery and within the 30 paylines players benefit from free games, a chance to double up winnings and a three level program for solving the mysteries of the murder. The five main characters of this game are accused of killing a mystery guest, each one suspects the other and there is a definite air of mystery and distrust in this game. Mr. Wellington is the owner of the mansion where he is entertaining the lovely Miss Chatham and Dr Van Aster has come to visit. Miss Ellie and Covington both work in the house.

The Very Basics of the Game

Players start the game like any other ordinary video slots game by spinning the reels. Where the reels come to rest will determine if there is a winning payout or not. But at each spin a special clue spin can be added to a counter at the side of the screen. The first level of the game continues for 5 minutes during which clue spins are accumulated and the player can enjoy the different features.

Earning Free Spins with Bonus Choices

If during the first level of the game all five of the main characters appear on the screen, each one on a different reel then the player receives 10 free spins. The player is invited to choose one of these characters before the start of the free spins which will determine his additional bonus. Miss Ellie doubles the amount of free spins and gives a 3x multiplier. The Dr gives an additional 1-5 wilds during the free spins. Mr. Wellington pays both ways and gives a 3x multiplier and Miss Chatham offers a 6x multiplier. Covington the butler gives a random wild reel for the duration of the free spins. The clock is stopped for the duration of the free spins and at the end of the free spins it is restarted and the player is taken back to the main 1st level screen.

Double Up Option

Another feature that appears in all levels is the double up feature. This is optional. Players that choose to double up are taken to a new screen where they find Mr. Wellington playing with dice. The player is invited to guess heads or tails and Mr. Wellington throws the dice. This double up feature can continue until the player loses or reaches his gamble limit.

Three Levels to Solve the Mystery

At the end of the five minutes of the first screen play i.e. the first level the screen automatically changes and the player is given free spins with the second level that is based on the location of the murder. The symbols for this include the gazebo, dining room, kitchen, bathroom and study. The player enjoys the free spins until he finishes his free spins based on the number of clue points that he had earned in the previous round. At the end of this initial bonus round the player is taken back to the main screen and continues to accumulate clue points in order to get to the second level of clues that include poison, a knife, a noose, a gun and a wrench. The third level of clues triggered by the evidence sheet on the middle symbol position is made up of a cigarette, a duster, a stethoscope, a watch and a cup of spilt tea. If during any of the intermittent round the player lands five clue points he is taken directly to the solving level. This game may sound very complicated but once the player has tried it out for a few spins he will easily understand the concept behind it and understand the many levels it offers and many winning chances. The game is totally interactive and it also includes many cute clips and cartoon scenes for the player to enjoy while he is working his way through the suspects and murder scenes to solve the crime and win the big cash payouts.