Sugar Pop Slots

Sugar Pop slots is not a traditional slots game although it may look like it at first glance. But anyone who is familiar with a game called Candy Crush will immediately note the similarity of the game and the better features that Sugar Pop slots offers. There are no set paylines in this game but rather ways to win. Every time three or more of the same colored candies lie together in a horizontal or vertical path the candies disintegrate and make way for more candies in the hope that another win is achieved. Each candy has its own value with the highest value being attributed to the red candy. Four or more of the same candy in a line double the winnings for that amount and five of the same candy in a line explodes all of the matching candies on screen making room for more to appear.

Multi-Level Options with Special Candies Featuring

The Sugar Pop Slots is an interactive game with many levels, and as the player reaches different levels in the game a new special sweet appears that has magic features. The colorful lollipop mixes up the candies on screen, the gumdrop sucks up a number of candies close by before exploding and the peanut butter cup that is activated on the 21st level gives players a second chance as it swirls them in to place on the screen. Each special sweet appears at random and adds to the excitement of the game and the many chances to win. The more the player places bets and enjoys the game the greater the counter at the side of the screen grows and he can progress through the different levels of the game. As with all good slots games, Sugar Pop Slots can be tried out for fun before the player places real money bets.