The True Sheriff Slots

Meeting the True Sheriff in this game of five reels and thirty paylines is not as fearsome as one would expect, he is a personable character who spends most of his time dozing at the side of the screen but when he is really needed players will find him moved into action to fight the bad guy especially in the showdown bonus that is activated if a gun lands between a sheriff and bad guy symbol on reels 1,2 or 3. The showdown bonus game takes players to a new screen where they are invited to guess heads or tails on a coin that is to be spun three times and each time the player loses, he knows his winnings will go down but he still may manage to hit the bad guy as the showdown begins. At the end of this action a winning amount is declared and the game reverts to normal mode.

Sheriff's Special Features

Other special features in the True Sheriff Slots game include the gun appearing on reel three. In this case the Sheriff wakes up and moves into action shooting at the different reels turning up to five symbols wild. Once his shooting spree has finished an automatic re-spin begins with the new wilds staying in place. Three or more of the gleaming sheriff's badges on screen activates the free spins game in addition to rewarding players with high scatter payouts. Three of the badges give players 60 coins and 10 free spins, four of the badges gives players 300 coins and 12 free spins and five of the badges gives players 15 free spins and 3000 coins. Unfortunately the free spins cannot be re-triggered by during the free spins any badges that appear are counted and at the end of the run of free spins these reward the player with an extra cash bonus.

Optional Double Up

As with many of the excellent 3D slots games, True Sheriff Slots also offers a double up feature that is optional for all players. At the end of any spin with a win the player can choose to try and double up. He is taken to a new screen and invited to guess the color of card to be turned over, black or red. Guessing the color of the card correctly doubles up the winnings but an incorrect guess loses the winnings for that spin. The player may carry on with the doubling up until he loses or reaches his limit and then he is moved back to the main game and continues with the fun and action packed base game that includes so many special features.