Good Girl Bad Girl Slots

Players can choose to play the Good Girl Slots or the Bad Girl slots or they can choose to play a combination of both girls in this interactive slots game. Both the bad girl and the good girl award some great payouts but it is clearly stated that the bad girl is higher risk and hence offers better payouts. The good girl dressed in white is lower risk and hence lower payouts. The good girl lower risk game awards winnings from left to right and the bad girl higher risk game awards winnings from right to left. If playing the combination mode, the payouts are both ways.

Wild Good Girl Halos and Bad Girl Pitchforks

When playing the good girl game the halo is wild and apart from substituting for other symbols it also offers players some nice payouts when two or more appear on the screen. Three of the halo wilds award players 30 coins, four of the halos award players 150 coins and five of the halos award players 500 coins. The bad girl game's wild is the pitchfork and this substitutes for symbols also and is a higher paying symbol on its own. Five of the pitchforks awards players 1000 coins, four awards players 150 coins and three awards players 30 coins. If playing the combination, the player can win from either wild symbol. The halo appears on reels 1, 2 and 3 and the pitchfork appears on reels 3, 4 and 5. The halo in winning combinations can double winnings and the pitchfork offers players multipliers of 1x to 4x when it is used to substitute and make up a winning payline.

Check Me Feature

When all of the halos or the pitchforks appear together on the screen the player is granted the check me feature. In this game the player has four different rounds to choose what look like presents, called good and bad variants. Depending on the trigger of the bonus game, the player either gets to choose the good variant presents or the bad variant presents. Both hold small, medium or big presents with the fourth present holding a collect sign. The player is invited to pick four times.

Money Wheel and Double Up Option

There is a further feature that is triggered when three of the money wheel symbols appear on the screen in either type of game or the combination game. This leads to a new screen with the money wheel and the player is invited to spin the wheel in the hope that he could win either the good or bad progressive jackpot or one of the cash payouts offered. At the end of every winning spin the player also has the option to double up his winnings if he wants. This involves tossing a coin and guessing if it will land heads or tails side up. A correct guess wins the player a 2x multiplier for his winnings but an incorrect guess will lose the player his winnings for that spin. Although this game includes many different features it is not as complicated as it seems and the player will really enjoy the game once he understands all of the features of the good girl in her white outfit or the bad girl dressed in shiny black.