Touchdown Fever Slots

Touchdown Fever slots is a game for the American sports lovers. Anyone who is interested in American football will simply love this game not just because of its simplicity but also because it has every symbol that relates to this sport of giants. Apart from the main symbol of the game, the touchdown football, there are standard footballs, helmets, goalposts, whistles, three bars, two bars and single bars.

The Best Payouts

Touchdown Fever slots only has one payline but this payline can give huge payouts of up to 2500 coins if the player places the maximum three coin bet. With a three coin bet and landing the three touchdown fever symbols on the screen the player earns his 2500 coins. With a two coin bet the player earns 1000 coins and with a single coin bet the player earns 500 coins. This is the highest paying symbol in the game and as players will note it is best to place a three coin bet where budgets allow as it pays the highest amounts. The coin size is a personal choice of the player depending on his budget and players can choose from $1 up to $3 per coin size enabling a maximum bet of $9 per spin.