Victory Lane Slots

Victory Lane is a well known and respected race track where some of the top racing car drivers started their careers and now go back to visit in order to pass on some of the knowledge they have gained over the years. There are three reels and three paylines to this game that is fast paced and quite fun to play. Players are able to place up to 20 coins per spin and they can choose the coin size based on what works best for them. The coin size range offered is from $0.05 up to $1.

Race Themed Symbols

Symbols in this game all relate to the race car theme and include the checkered flag, helmets, speedometers, commentators and the trophy. The trophy is the highest paying symbol awarding players 500 coins with a bet on all three paylines. There are no frills to this game but there are no frills to car racing and it is a great game to play on the go or when there are a few minutes spare.