Back in Time Slots

If you love dinosaurs and like to engulf yourself in their ancient world, then it will not be hard to love Back in Time Slots as well. This is yet another very entertaining classic spinner from the company Betsoft Gaming. It is a small and simple online slot machine that will keep you captivated with its three slot reels. These reels are displayed on a colorful screen. On this screen, you will be accompanied by an small animated baby dinosaur that looks very cute.

The Theme and Layout of the Game

The layout of the game is very straightforward and you will have no trouble understanding it. This slot will take you back to a time many years ago when dinosaurs still roamed around on the earth. You are transported to a tropical beach, and there you will see a 3 reel structure that is build up out of ropes, wooden logs and spinning rocks. It is placed between the lush palm trees that grow on the beach. Give it a couple of spins and see what kind of payouts it will give you in return.

Click on the Eggs to Make Bet Adjustments

The bet adjustment and game play keys are also very simple to use. There are three big dinosaur eggs that lay in the sand beneath the reels. These three eggs have labels, which are 'bet per line', 'bet max' and 'spin’. Additionally, there is also a small coin denomination egg that you can find on top of the game details display. With this tiny egg, you can easily turn the coin value into $0.02, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25 or $0.50, and you can change the bets per line into 8, 16, 24, 32 or 40. Try to aim for the high numbers, because they can provide you with the largest payouts.

If you go to the paytable screen, then you can see what kind of payouts you can receive for making certain symbol hits. You can click on the numbers that are displayed on top of the paytable to see the payouts that are triggered if you play with one, two, three, four or five coins per win-line. The highest win in the game is 250 credits, and it is being triggered by the dino egg with the pink dots during a 5 coin bet. The lowest prize is a single credit, and it is triggered by the dinomo symbol during a one coin bet.

Go Back in Time With the Reel Symbols

This game has dinosaur age themed symbols. There are eggs with pink, blue or green spots, the dinomite logo, the three rocks bonus icon, the Back in Time logo, the triple seven symbol and the dinomo attribute. And in order to spice things up a bit from time to time, you can also place a cracked egg wild on the reels. All the mentioned reel attributes will enrich you with acceptable win values, which are determined by how you set up your wager limits before a spin.

Trigger Special Features to Make More Profits

This game comes with a couple of extra features so that you will be able to increase your profits. One of these features is prominently visible while you are spinning for wins. Beneath the reels, you will see a wooden sign that has 'click reels to hold' written on it. With the help of that function, you can decide which of the icons on the reels you like to put on hold while you re-spin the ones that are not locked.

You can hold as many symbols as you like and re-spins are free. So whenever you play, you always get a complimentary second spin chance. This special game play feature is very desirable as you will have a stronger influence over the spinning results. Additionally, you can also trigger a bonus feature with the three rocks bonus icon.

Get to Know the Slot Game Power of Betsoft

This small, feel good game will keep you entertained in a simple and fun way. It has the setup of a classic but the looks of a modern slot. Once again, Betsoft Gaming proves that it is an expert in creating casino games, no matter if those games are simple classic slots or sophisticated modern ones. Look for Back in Time Slots on an online casino that offers its members Betsoft entertainment titles, and enjoy it for free or for real money.