Captain Cash Slots

Captain Cash Slots is a game that will awake the treasure hunting pirate in you. This 3 reel slot belongs to the classic collection from developer Betsoft gaming. It does however let you place winning combinations on not one but five pay-lines. You might be familiar with other Betsoft games that have a similar layouts and designs such as for example Diamond Dreams Slots. Except for the difference in themes and symbols, these games are very identical to each other.

Sea Adventures Await You on the Reels

It is all about pirates when you play this online slot machine game. A salty sea adventure awaits you on the game screen and the three slot reels, because you will see pictures symbols of pirate flags, swords, ships, golden coins, maps, pirates and a chest full of booty. The slot reels are placed on a treasure hunting map that shows you an X, and that is probably where the big stash of booty is hidden. You don't have to dig it up though, because you can find your fortunes if you just spin the reels.

When you are spinning those reels, you will notice that the game provides typical classic slot style entertainment elements. There are flashing lights and the tunes sound very retro. Furthermore, a couple of standard looking game adjustment buttons provide you with the options to chance your bets and make your spins.

Benefit From Jackpot Prizes and Wild Hits

Due to its classic style character, this slot machine will not offer a lot of special features. However, that does not mean that they are totally absent from the game. There is pirate symbol that you can spin, and that pirate is the wild icon. This symbol is also the one that can trigger the game's jackpot win.

In terms of special perks, those are the two extra profit gaining opportunities that you benefit from. Any multiplier rewards or scatter features is not build into the game. This doesn’t have to be a problem though. Due to the lack of special features, you can fully focus on your spins, and make more of them in a shorter amount of time. More spins can also mean more wins, so grab your coins and make those reels move.

The Jackpot Prize Makes up for the Absence of a Bonus Round

Just as the game does not offer any multiplier or scatter feature benefits, it also does not let you play a bonus round. This is not because of an act of laziness from the developer of the game, but because of the fact that classic slot titles always keep it simple. You make your wins with straightforward reel spins and, occasionally, a juicy jackpot hit will spice things up a bit. This jackpot reward will keep you excited while playing, and it might even let you forget that the game does not provides many additional features.

Make Winning Bets With the Help of an Easy to Use Command Bar

The command bar from this game is easy to understand and convenient to use. Click on the little red squire at the bottom left corner of the screen and choose either $0.02, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25 or $0.50 as your preferred coin denomination. This broad range of available values makes every bet convenient, no matter if you play with a small budget or with a large one.

Further bet increases can be made with the 'bet one' button, which lets you choose the number of pay-lines that need to be active during your spin. That number can be 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5. Additionally, if you like to raise the stakes, then you can also click on the 'bet max' icon so that you will automatically spin with the highest number of pay-lines. You can of course also click on the normal 'spin' button if you have made your bet adjustments and are ready to play.

Besides game adjustment keys that let you make a proper bet, this slot also keeps you informed about your bet details. Above the coin denomination key, you can see some game information display boxes. These boxes show your current amount of game credits, your payout when you make a win, and the number of active pay-lines that you are currently playing with.

Large Amounts of Booty Await You in Captain Cash Slots

With captain Cash Slots, Betsoft gaming has created an entertaining online slot that is a mix of straightforwardness and simplicity. The game is very user-friendly so you will have an easy time when you play it. Designs and sound elements are kept very minimal so that you can fully focus on the game and your spins. However, this slot does have a theme so that it will not be a complete clone of any other classic title.

Thanks to the theme and the old-school style of this online spinning machine, you will travel back to two different times when you play it. In terms of visuals, you will be transferred back to the time when real life bar slots where very popular. And when it comes to the game's theme, you will travel even further back in time to a period where notorious pirates ruled the seven seas. These pirates where always searching for other ships that they could plunder, and they also followed maps in order to find hidden stacks of booty. Play this fun little game and you will find yourself searching for your very own booty, and you don't even have to cross the seven seas to obtain it. It is present right there on the screen, and all that you need to do now is make some pirate themed slot reel spins and hope that they turn out to be profitable. If they do return a profit, then you could win up to a 1000 credits, and that is certainly a reward that every booty hunting pirate would like to obtain.