Max Quest: Wrath of Ra Slots

Playing at an online casino doesn’t mean that you have to stick with the same old slot games and table games. Max Quest Wrath of Ra is a new kind of casino game and it proves that gambling can be fun for all sorts of gamblers. This game is unlike anything that you’ve ever played at casinos, and for some gamers that’s a very good thing. We were excited to do a complete review of this game, just because it is so different. Learn how this arcade-style game works, what you can expect as you play through the rounds of it and how to maximize your time with this game as well.

Earning Money in Max Quest Wrath of Ra

Most games will have you spinning reels or selecting cards in order to earn money as you play along. That’s not how this game works. Instead, you have a weapon and you are tasked with shooting the enemies with it. There is no danger of you dying as you play through the rounds, but shooting the right targets will help you win as much as possible. When you run out of bullets to use against your enemies you can’t attack your enemies any longer and won’t be able to earn prize money from the game. Different targets that you take out pay out different amounts, so it’s important to pay attention to what the different targets are worth and to select them accordingly.

Aiming for special Targets

While you play through round after round of this game you’ll notice certain glowing targets, or chests that appear out in the open. The glowing targets are high powered targets that are more difficult to bring down. These guys are worth a lot and they almost always provide you with some very nice prizes as well. The chests offer different types of prizes, but only if you are able to shoot them. Break open the chests to gain access to cash, weapons and other bonuses. You can dramatically improve your damage output during a round by finding a lucky crate with a more powerful weapon, and before you know it you can unlock huge cash prizes from a round of this game.

Buying Weapons and Ammunition

At the end of each round, you need to make hard choices about the weapons and ammo you are going to purchase for the next round of the game. You have a limited amount of ammunition and limited weapons to work with. For that reason, you need to carefully purchase ammunition and consider buying random weapons to use during the next round of the game as well. These purchases can be costly, so be careful not to spend too much on them because it can be difficult to get all of your money back during the following rounds.

Multiplayer Action

You won’t be taking on all these enemies alone, instead you will team up alongside up to four additional players for fun-filled action with everyone. When you form your team you can immediately start firing and taking out the important enemies together. Through cooperative action you can build up a huge score, bring in a bunch of money for everyone and walk away from Max Quest Wrath of Ra with more money than you started with. This is a game of skill, and a game of good choices, so think long and hard about the purchases you make and what you’re going to do while in this slot game. By choosing the right options you’ll quickly figure out how to make the most of your time in the game and could end up profiting in a big way.

We love Max Quest Wrath of Ra because it’s a different sort of game than what we’ve played at a casino before. There is a very real element of skill to this game, and the better you are at it the more likely you are to earn a lot of cash. There is also a very real learning curve and you’re going to want to spend some time getting familiar with the game itself. Take the time to learn everything about what this game has to offer and you’ll begin to look forward to playing at it.