Weekend In Vegas Slots

It looks so much fun and for the three friends Loony Larry, Balanced Ben and Cautious Chris the dream does come true on their trip to Vegas where they get to play the games, enjoy the entertainment and view all of the sights. This slots game has five reels and 243 ways to win. What that means is that if a player lines up three or more of the same symbol on the screen then he wins a payout. There is an auto play feature option and players may choose to place up to 30 coins in bets. The three main characters are literally larger than life as each of them when appearing on screen properly fills a whole reel.

Free Spins from the Police Scatter

Look out for the police car scatter symbol with its flashing red and blue lights. This symbol offers handsome coin payouts when two or more appear on the screen and with three or more the player benefits from the coin payout and free spins. Two of the police car scatters awards players 50 coins, three of the scatter police cards awards players 75 coins and 8 free spins. With four of the scatter police cars the player receives directly to his account 125 coins and 12 free spins and a fantastic five of the police cars awards players 250 coins plus 20 free spins. At the end of the free spins there is a special money reel feature. The player is invited to spin the reel and if it lands on a green area of the reel the player earns another spin, the more progress that the player makes the greater the final cash bonus prize. When the player lands on a red area the bonus game ends and the player is taken back to the main game.

Extra Bonus Game

Three of the same characters on a reel activate the bonus game. During the bonus game the player is taken to casino floor where his character plays the games. Loony Larry goes all out and bets it all, Balanced Ben bets on a number of different areas and Cautious Chris is very careful how he bets. Each character awards the player with a handsome win and the bonus game ends. The wild symbol is the world famous Vegas Strip sign that welcomes all visitors to this city of fun.

Mini Double Up Game

If the player wants to try and increase his winnings he has the option of choosing the double up mini game. In this game the player is taken to a small area where he can guess heads or tails for a coin and try to double his winnings. The double up mini game can continue with the double up mini game for as long as he wins or until he loses. Weekend in Vegas slots gives players a taste of the excitement and nonstop action that visitors to this city that never sleeps enjoy.