Viking Age Slots

Playing Viking Age slots is not just about the game it is about the story of the trek by Amma and her loyal subjects looking for the best way to find treasure and the many hardships that they overcame on their way. A small animated movie gives players an introduction to this slots game story that has five reels and thirty paylines. Every symbol in this game including the letters and numbers has a Viking look to them. There is the special long boat, the Viking warriors, a hammer, a sort of dinosaur and the stone that holds the treasure.

Amma the Red Haired Viking Princes

Amma is the red haired Viking princess who is the leader of the crew and when their ship gets swallowed up by a mysterious sea creature the team has to continue on foot. Three of the Amma symbols on screen give players a chance to win multiplier free spins. As long as the player lands the same multiplier at the beginning and end of the screen he wins the multiplier.

Helmet Bonus Game

Three of the helmet symbols will dissolve the symbols on screen to give the player five different doors. The player is invited to pick symbols that will unlock the different doors. Behind each door there is a different win waiting for the player. The win can be free spins, a cash payout or even a direct entry to one of the other bonus games.

Arm Wrestle Bonus Game

The arm wrestle bonus game is activated if three or more of the arm wrestle symbols appear on screen. The player is taken to the room where the arm wrestle between the two Viking warriors will take place and he is asked to choose which of the warriors he supports. The arm wrestle then commences and if the player has chosen the winning Viking he benefits from a higher payout than if he had not. This is a win win bonus game and there is always a payout for the player. With the animated characters and the support of Amma who stands at the side of the screen, playing Viking Age slots may seem historical but it is also incredible fun with much to enjoy and plenty of chances to earn return on betting investments.