Dash for Cash Slots

It is time for a trip to the woods. And you don't have to worry that a forest might be too far away from you right now, because you can just conveniently visit it on the screen of your desktop device. Your very own virtual spot of nature can be found at online Betsoft Gaming casinos and it is called Dash for Cash Slots.

This classic three reel and one pay-line slot machine game has a lighthearted and cartoonish design that will give you a good feeling, and that feeling will only become better once you start to place those winning symbol combinations on the reels. So get your hiking boots and your wallet ready because this is going to be a very refreshing and enriching slot reel spinning trip.

A Nature and Player Friendly Slot Game

This online slot machine is especially an interesting game because of its unique design. Instead of seeing a regular game screen where the reels are placed in the middle of a square shaped frame, the designers of Betsoft Gaming decided that it would be fun to place the three available reels inside the thick branch of a tree. This fits well into the thematic design of the game and it gives you something new to look at while you are spinning.

The rest of the slot screen is also very nature (and player) friendly, because it is a simple and fresh display of tree branches, leafs and some electricity poles in the distance. The available game adjustment buttons are displayed at leafs and the branch from the tree. There are only a few of them, so you won’t be overwhelmed with having to many options as it is after all a small, classic game that is a perfect option for beginners and old-school players alike.

You can form your bets with the 'bet per line' leave and the 'choose coin' button on the thick, main branch. The reels can be spun with the 'bet max' leaf, which instantly activates a top bet spin, and the usual 'spin' button that is also printed on the branch of the tree. Your coin and bet details can be viewed at the bottom left side of the main screen, and you can click on the leaf that is labeled 'pays' if you want to check out some other details about the game. The logo of the slot machine is displayed on a big leaf at the top left corner.

Further classic style game play simplicity is offered by the presence of only three slot machine reels and a single pay-line. On the reels of Dash for Cash Slots, you can see symbols that fit in perfectly with the rest of the theme. Spin nature inspired reel attributes like nuts, squirrels, trees and the very lucrative pine cones to get your nature fix and your coin fix at the same time. Furthermore, special feature icons are also available in the forms of a Dash for Cash bonus symbol and the wild attribute.

Collect Those Coins as a Squirrel Would Collect Its Nuts

Dash for Cash Slots provides a lot of gaming and gambling fun, and it does it in a unique setting that makes it extra enjoyable to play the game. Many profit making opportunities await you on and between the branches of the trees. Surround yourself with pine cones, trees and nuts and start to collect those coins as a squirrel would collect its precious nuts.

And if you are just a nature lover who wants to have some spinning fun without feeling the need to make an extra buck, then you can play the game for free as well. Visit online Betsoft gambling platform to find this enjoyable slot title, and then make sure you get your physical health dose of nature and/or your financial health dose of coins.