Rockstar Slots

Heavy metal rock concerts and adoring fans are what introduce players to this five reel thirty payline slots game that is really outstanding in every sense of the word. Players are welcomed to this game with a short introductory movie that can be skipped but it is worth seeing as it introduces the players to the rock band who take centre stage and also plays some great music.

Enjoying a Concert with Rockstar Slots

There are five reels and thirty paylines to this slots game that has players tapping their feet in their seats thanks to the great music. Symbols in the game all relate to the theme of the game and apart from the band members and some fans that are symbols there are also records, contracts and tickets to the big event. Rockstar slots offers an auto play feature for players that prefer to sit back and enjoy the spinning reels and listen to the great music. Bets can be placed on single or multiple paylines and the player may choose the coin size that best suits his personal budget. There are two main bonus games to hope for when playing Rockstar slots in addition to the wild symbol that substitutes and multiples.

A Multiplying Wild

The wild multiplier appears in two forms, as a silver record and as a gold record. The gold record when appearing on an active payline doubles the winnings for that payline. The platinum record when appearing on an active payline multiplies the winnings for that payline 5x. If the gold and platinum records appear together on the screen then the player receives a 10x multiplier for the line that the records appear on.

Playing the Epic Solo

Three of the bright red electric guitars on screen activate the Epic Solo bonus game. The soloist moves onto the screen and players his solo piece that sends sparks to different symbols on the screen turning them into bonus cash payouts. And the best bonus game of all is the high notes bonus round that is activated if three or more of the ticket symbols land on an active payline. In this case the player is moved to a new screen where he receives his instructions for the bonus game.

Hitting the Right Notes

A concert is played and the musicians emit red blue and green notes. As the notes travel down the screen the player needs to click on them in time in order for them to hit the right places and end up in the note storage containers. Players have to be quite coordinated to do well in this bonus game and it does take a few moments to get used to but once a player does he will enjoy the fun of this game and the benefits that it gives. At the end of the concert the player receives a total of cash that is calculated from the number of notes he hit and this is credited directly to the players account. He is taken back to the main screen and continues to play the base game and enjoy the music that the band emits at the same time as hoping for more bonus options. Playing Rockstar slots is not just for music lovers although they will definitely get the most out of this tuneful game.