Once Upon a Time Slots

Once Upon a Time Slots is a magical fairy tale that tells the story of a kingdom in a faraway land. It is the tale of a very special 3D Slot machine experience that introduces its players to a world where knights, princesses, dragons and greedy goblins try to steal harts, golden objects and loved ones. And with the greedy goblins as the biggest sneaky thieves of them all, you will know for sure that there will be a lot of gold snatching in this game.

If you're lucky, then you too will be able to snatch many profitable rewards from the reels of this slot. Meanwhile, you are being entertained by the story of a brave knight who ventures off to save the pretty maiden in distress. The only problem is that the mean, green, fire breathing dragon is not easily going to give up his stolen maiden. You are welcome to have a hand in the outcome of this heroic fantasy story when you decide to spin the reels of Once Upon a Time Slots.

The story unfolds with the help of a couple rewarding slot machine features. Slot reel Wins can be made on 30 available win-lines. There are two entertaining and fully animated bonus features that provide lots of enjoyable gaming moments as well as profitable rewards. The slot also lets you play with animated free spin and wild reel game play elements. Make use of all these features and others during your heroic quest to rescue the poor princess, and become a wealthy legend in the fairytale kingdom.

Attractive Design Elements That Will Draw You Into the Story

Once Upon a Time Slots is made by Betsoft Gaming. This casino software developer sets a high standard when it comes to the design and game play depth of its slot titles. Therefore, you're being treated to a funny fantasy story that is neatly displayed thanks to clear graphics, detailed designs, and entertaining animations.

As with many of its slot creations, Betsoft has chosen the cartoon style approach, so leading creatures, like the dragon and the goblins, look really funny. But don't let the funny appearance of this game fool you. Serious amounts of cash can certainly be made while you are being entertained by the fantasy world that is displayed in this title. Make sure that you also turn on the volume when you play, so that the soundtrack and the spinning sounds will further draw you into the slot's fantasy world.

Game Play Buttons That Help You to Bring in the Cash

While the story evolves, you will have to make betting and game play adjustments that help to bring in the cash. You do this with the help of a couple buttons that are mostly displayed on the bottom of the screen. On the bottom left side, you will see a barrel that displays the coin value amount. You can choose the values $0.02, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50 and $1.00. Next to the barrel, you will see tree clickable three stumps.

The first stump shows the bet per line option. You can decide to play with one to five credits per line. The second tree stump lets you decide on the selected lines. 1 to 30 lines can be activated on the 5 reel and 3 row game screen. The third three stump is the spin button, which of course will activate the spinning session. The last button on the bottom is a crate that is placed on the far right side of the screen. It has the words 'max bet' written on it. Click on the crate if you instantly want to select the maximum bet for your upcoming spins.

There are also some buttons on the top of the screen. On the leftmost side, you can turn the sound on or off, and there is also an autopilot button that lets you spin the reels automatically. Lastly, on the top right side of the screen, you will see the 'view pays' icon, which leads you to the pay table. Click on this icon if you want to display the line payout sheet and the game's feature explanations.

Available Symbols Combinations and Their Payouts

The available symbol combinations and their payouts can be checked at the pay table. Keep in mind that combinations always need to start at the leftmost slot reel. Successful, non-feature combinations can be made with the princess, the dragon's treasure pile, the man with the trumpet, the roasted chicken, the sword in the stone, the catapult, the axe in the three stump and the logo of the kingdom. The princess is the highest paying icon. She rewards you a 1000 casino credit prize if you place her five times on the reels. A combination of 5 kingdom logos grants you the lowest non-feature payout in the game, which is 160 casino credits.

Connect Two Lovebirds in the How She Loved the Knight Feature

There is a special how she loved the knight casino credit win awaiting you on the reels. In order to win this instant credit prize, you have to spin the knight and princess lovebirds on adjacent reels that are crossed by pay-lines one, two, or three.

Win Those Crazy Goblins Free Spins

A triple presence of tree house attributes on active pay-lines will successfully activate those crazy goblins free spins. This is a feature that will also award you with instant casino credits. Also, you can increase the number of complimentary spins when you manage to land extra three house icons on the slot machine reels while the feature is active. Lastly, there will be a 60 casino credits payout when you initially trigger the bonus.

Spin Sack of Gold Icons to Trigger the Greedy Goblins Click Me Feature

Sack of gold attributes need to be spun in order to launch the repeating greedy goblins click me feature. The trigger occurs when you land three sacks of gold on the game screen. This feature will also trigger the greedy goblin inside you, because the displayed sack of gold click me attributes reveal instant credit rewards. Click on the sacks and keep receiving rewards until you open up a sack with a prize that shows you the readout "collect".

Goblin's Treasure Bonus Round

Those pesky Goblins sure love special cash making features, because they are involved with yet another interesting feature. The third available goblin themed feature is called the Goblin's treasure bonus round. To activate this round, you need to land three goblin attributes on reels one, two and three. The symbols also need to land on active pay-lines.

Become a Money Making Hero in the Save the Princess Bonus Round

It is up to the brave knight to rescue the princess during the save the princess bonus round. She is in distress because she has been captured by the evil dragon. Quickly spin at least three knight icons on activated win-lines to launch the bonus round, and then venture out to save the princess and to take claim of any rescue rewards.

Light up the Fire Starter Wild Reel

The dragon icon needs to land on position one of slot reel number three in order for it to launch the fire starter wild reel feature. Once activated, reel three will become wild, which means that it acts as substitute icon for any reel symbol that is not a greedy goblin, a fire starter, a crazy goblin, a goblin treasure or a knight. As a substitute, the wild can be the missing link that completes a winning symbol combination. Lastly, make sure that you pay attention to the dragon's treasure logo. Wild reels are held over for your next slot spin when the dragon's treasure logo shows up on the screen while you are playing with an activated wild reel.

Once Upon a Time There Was a Rich and Successful Slot Game Hero

Play Once Upon a Time Slots and enter a fantasy world that can make you a wealthy, dragon fighting hero. But make sure that those sneaky goblins don't steal the treasures from you, because those pesky little green creatures are quick with their fingers when they see valuable golden objects. This slot game is available on Betsoft Gaming casinos that operate on the internet. A free practice version of the game can also be played on various slot title review sites and on Betsoft's own website.