Heist Slots

It is a serious crime to steal big sums of money, but in some cases, crimes go unpunished. That is certainly the case when you play Heist slots from Betsoft Gaming, because this title lets you crack the vault from the anonymity and safety of your own house. But don't worry, you will not get punished for your crimes, but you do get payed for it. You will crack the vault if you manage to spin the reels correctly and if you are able to place the right symbol combinations on them. Succeed in doing this and the cash rewards will be yours to keep.

Meet Neil Quailand

If you want to work with the best during your daring heist, then there is one man who is perfect for the job. The name of that man is Neil Quailand. This professional criminal knows how to complete successful scores like no other. He is a heist artists and he is here to help you. So put on your burglar suit and start to spin those correct symbol combinations on the screen so that the vault will open its doors for you.

The Game's Story and Its Many Features

This slot title has a very compelling cat and mouse story that gives an extra touch to the game experience. It combines a good story line with various special features, so you will certainly be entertained when you spin its reels. The cat and mouse game between criminal mastermind Neil Quailand and the frustrated detective Albert Kowalski has been going on for seven years. So far, Kowalski has always been one step behind on his ultimate target. The master criminal has never left a trail during his profitable heist career, But now he has a new challenge to face. The largest score in his career awaits him. It is as bank vault that has no less than 9 million pounds stashed in it. However, just as it is the most important job for Quailand, it is also the most important opportunity for Kowalski to finally catch his pray. The notorious master thief will much likely retire when he manages to steal such a large amount of money, so Kowalski really needs to catch him this time.

Who will walk away at the end of the story? You will play a big part in the outcome, because you are going to take on the role of Neil Quailand during the spinning sessions. During these criminal spinning exploits, you will encounter many great features. For example, in a thrilling bonus round, you need to pick a method that will help you to open the vault. And remember, explosives devices are good tools to open up vaults or even entire slot reels. With the help of these devices, you are going to blow up slot reels in order to claim profitable 2X wild wins. Also, the click me feature, scatter payouts, repeating wins, 30 win forming pay-lines, and a whole lot of other potentially lucrative game elements will put you on the edge of your seat in this criminally good slot title.

Crack the Slot Machine Vault of Heist Slots

Try Heist Slots today if you're excited about the prospect of a daring cat and mouse game with a big profit gain as the possible outcome. And remember, you will steal money in this game, but you don't necessarily have to play with it. This is a casino entertainment option that lets you experience its thrills and pleasures completely for free if you play it in fun/practice mode.

But if you have the risk taking mindset of Neil Quailand, then you probably want to put some extra thrills in the mix. And those thrills will certainly be there if you decide to place some wagers on the outcomes of your spinning sessions. Do it right and stay cool and then you might walk away with a big sum of money. And you don't even have to hide it anywhere, because you earned it with a couple of legal spins on a criminal themed slot title. You managed to crack the online slot machine vault of Heist Slots, so you deserve to retire and live the good life with the 'stolen' sum of money. This slot game is available on Many Betsoft Gaming powered casino platforms around the web so start to plan your heist and get ready for the big payday.