Gladiator Slots

During ancient Rome's glory days, epic warriors known as gladiators would enter the arena and fight to the dead in epic battles that were shown to entertain Rome's regular citizens and the ruling elites. You are now invited to such an arena, where you get to play Gladiator Slots from creative slot title designer Betsoft Gaming.

But remember, the gladiator arena is a place for true heroes who can show wit, fighting skills, agility and strength while they gamble with their lives. Only the bravest and strongest warriors will be able to step out of the arena alive and claim the fame and the wealth that comes with their victory. Will you be able to become such a hero of ancient Rome? Only time and a couple of slot spins will tell. One thing is for sure, this game will not let you enter the gambling arena without giving you some powerful, wealth enforcing weapons.

A couple of alluring game play features make sure that you can become the casino hero that other gamblers will always look up to. In the Gladiator bonus round, you will fight a legendary battle. In the main game, you will use a total of 30 win-lines to conquer the reels and claim the wins. Instant winnings can be obtained in the on-reels bonus feature, and a click me round is able to grand you a maximum of 500 instant credits. These attractive features are all waiting for you in Gladiator Slots, so wait no longer and become the mighty slot game warrior you've always dreamed to be.

Let Betsoft Handle the Game Design

This is a Betsoft game, and that is always a plus in terms of designs, graphics and animations. With this slot title, the developer has chosen a realistic design approach instead of the so often used cartoonish one in other slot titles. The result is a good looking game with lots of beautiful, sharp looking design elements like for example the mixture of light and shade details.

The theme of the game depicts ancient Rome and its Gladiators so you can expect to see a game screen design and slot reel logos that comply with the theme. For example, on the background of the screen, you can see a Roman crowd who is enjoying the spectacle in the spinning arena. You will often hear them cheer as well. On the reels themselves, you can expect to see icons like gladiators, princesses, horses, a tiger and weapons. These symbols will become animated when you make wins with them. Besides being visually attractive, this game will also set the mood with an atmospheric background tune.

Use Game Adjustment Buttons to Play a Perfect Game

The game play setup is pretty straightforward with this game. On the bottom left side of the screen, you will see the 'choose coin bet' option, and you have to choose between the values $0.02, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50 and $1.00. This is a good set of values for both budget and high rolling players. On the bottom mid-section of the game screen, you will see the game adjustment options 'bet per line', select lines' and 'max bet'. Via the 'bet per line' option, you can choose to play with one to five credits per line. The 'select lines' option lets you play with 1 to 30 win-lines. The 'max bet' adjustment option lets you place the maximum bet with just one click. The last game play option on the bottom is the 'spin' button. This button will set the reels in motion after you've made your preferred bet and win-line adjustments.

There are also some game adjustment buttons on the top of the screen. On the top left side, you can toggle the game sound on or off. Next to the sound toggle option, you find the 'autoplay' function. This function places the reel spins on autopilot, so that you can just sit back and relax while the winning symbols find their way to the game screen. Lastly, on the top right side of the screen, you can click at 'view pays'. This will lead you to the slot's pay table pages in which you can see game details, rules and payouts. One of the pages in the pay-table will show you line payouts from the available symbols.

Line Payouts That Will Find Their Way to Your Bankroll

The mighty Colosseum is the reel star in terms of payouts. This famous symbol of ancient Rome grants you a total of 3750 coins if you're lucky enough to spin it on the reels 5 times. This symbol is also the scatter icon, which means that it forms a payout on any slot machine reel and that you can be flexible with it on terms of combinations. Scatter payouts will be combined with pay-line gains.

Furthermore, the hero gladiator is going to be your hero on the slot reels, because his appearance on the reels can lead to a top payout of no less than 2000 coins. Another tough looking gladiator with a horned helmet is a worthy opponent for the title of highest paying symbol as he will also give you 2000 credits in return for 5 hits on the reels. No gladiator should enter the ring without his sword and shield, so you can of course expect it to be present on the reels. There is a top prize attached to this indispensable battle set, and that reward is 1250 credits. Another shield with a mace as a weapon is also a good choice for a protective battle set. It hands out the same reward as the shield with the sword.

Once in the arena, there will be great beasts. Some of these beasts are common, functional and helpful, while others are exotic and dangerous. The majestic tiger is a favorite of the Roman crowd and it will also become a favored of you when you see its grand payout. The big cat gives away a big reward of 750 credits. The beautiful black horses will Pull Your Roman Chariot to profitable wins that can go as high as 500 credits. A flag is the next symbol on the pay table, and it is connected to a high cash prize of 350 credits. A bag of golden coins will also make sure that you leave the battle arena with some healthy profits. 5 bags of golden coins trigger a payout of 250 coins. More gold is being presented in the form of a symbols that shows a goblet and golden coins. This symbol grants winners a top payout of 125 coins.

While playing, you have to make sure that symbol combinations land on active payouts, otherwise, they are not valid to payout. Symbols can be placed in combinations that follow a line from the left side of the slot reels to the right side, or the other way around. Besides a lot of regular, non-feature symbols, you will also see special symbols on the reels that trigger extra features. For example, you can spin the already mentioned Colosseum icon, or the beautiful princess logo, which you can use to activate a great wild x2 feature.

The Princess Symbol Will Active the Wild x2 Feature

The beautiful princess is captured in one of the symbols of this game. Land this symbol on the first positions from slot reels two, three and four to activate the wild x2 feature. In this feature, the princess has a couple of rose petals which she tosses below her. These petals will then fall upon the symbols that are positioned under her. These symbols then transform into 2x wild attributes. Winning combinations that display a wild x2 icon, will payout two times the regular amount.

Betsoft's Gladiators Slots Takes You to the Ancient Fighting Pits of Rome

Gladiator fights are dangerous, violent, bloody and often even deadly, but the rewards and the praises for the winner are worth it. And when you enter the online arena in the online slot machine Gladiators Slots, then you don't even have to worry about your physical safety. Safely spin the reels from the comfort of your own home, and enjoy the thrill of the fights while you rake in those much deserved cash rewards. You are bound to be the ultimate hero of Rome and of the online casino platform that hosts this gladiator themed game. Search for a Betsoft Gaming powered casino on the web, and prepare yourself for some epic slot reel fights and slot reel spins.

But remember, before you step into the arena, it is certainly wise to practice your battle skills a bit in a free and fun version of the game. You really want to test those skills and strategies before you put your blood and your coins on the line in a real slot game battle. But don't wait too long, because that glorious gladiator championship title awaits you, and so do the great casino cash rewards that come with that honorable title.