Madder Scientist Slots

If you've played Betsoft Gaming's fun online casino game Mad Scientist in the past, then you will already be familiar with the crazy but dedicated scientist Dr. Walter Prescott. He was certainly a bit wacky in that game, but in Madder Scientist Slots, he is even crazier than before. Not only does he look a lot crazier, but he also has much crazier ideas about how to make some really big profits.

In Mad Scientist Slots, Dr. Prescott started to experiment with a special serum that he had invented. He wanted to know if it was able to turn objects into gold. Luckily for him, he had his Eureka moment, and perhaps you had some golden strikes as well when you made spins in his lab. However, Dr. Prescott believes that his moment of success is not enough. He wants even more glory and riches, and now he is pursuing his biggest dreams in Madder Scientist Slots. Will you join him again in his lab to see what he brews up next? It could be a golden opportunity for you as well when the crazy scientist experiences yet another Eureka moment.

The Lab Looks Better Than Ever

You are back in the lab with Dr. Prescott. He might look older with his exploded gray hair, but his lab seems to have got an upgrade. It looks very futuristic and it is a good place to do some money making experiments. There are also new symbols on the reels, and when you study them you will see that the scientist now has a lab rabbit and an assistant that looks much more sane and pretty than him. Just like the scientist, Betsoft has been experimenting and improving its skills since the first game came out. Therefore, you will now get to enjoy a much more modern follow-up game that has some nicely looking 3D elements and animations embedded in it.

Use Lab Items to Form Your Bets

There are several items in the lab that have labels on which you can click in order to form your bets before you power up the spin button. With the 'choose coin' label you can set the coin denomination on $.0.02, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50 or $1.00. On the 'select lines' label, you can see a minus and a plus. Click on minus if you want to lower the number of active pay-lines (1 is the lowest number), or click on plus if you want to increase that number (up until 30). The 'bet per line' label also has minus and plus options attached to it. Use these keys to determine a number of credits per win-line that is either 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5. And if all of these settings seem like a bit too much work, then you can also click on 'bet max' so that you automatically play with high stakes.

Experiment With Money Making Symbols

Some of the game's symbols you might recognize if you've made combinations with them in Mad Scientist Slots. They look slightly different, but they are basically the same icons. The 'danger, high voltage' sign is still there on the reels of this follow up game and so is the switch icon. Furthermore, you will probably also recognize the microscope and the test tubes. New symbols are presented in the forms of the already mentioned assistant and the rabbit, but you can now also spin a light bulb and a strange chemical brew.

Power up the Wild Switches Feature

In this game's predecessor, the switch was a scatter. However, in this game it has taken on the role of the wild symbol. This symbol is able to activate the wild switches feature if you land it on the slot machine reels in a quantity of three. Ones you turn the switch and activate the bonus round, you will see that a randomly chosen reel becomes wild, and it will stay that way during a couple of spins.

Use Beakers to Reveal Rewards in the Click Me Feature

You can play the click me feature when you manage to land three beakers on slot reels one, three and five during a single spin. Select beakers when the feature is active, because they will reveal prizes. You can play this game until you stumble up on the feature finishing word 'collect'. The click me beaker can be recognized because of its green substance.

Brew up Some Prizes in the Bonus Round

The rabbit loves its carrots and so should you if you want to make some extra profits in the bonus round. Spin the reels until you make a hit with three or more randomly positioned carrot icons. You will then be able to play in the bonus round. Together with the crazy scientist, you will brew a new mixture that needs to be tested on the lab rabbit's carrot.

Make More Profits Thanks to the Reel Respins Option

When you play this game, you also have the opportunity to make profits with potentially lucrative respins. After you've used your regular spin, you are presented with the option to perform respins with the slot reels in order to further increase your bankroll. However, keep in mind that respins are not given away for free so take a moment to decide if if the extra credit purchases are worth the extra spins.

Scientifically and Financially Approved

Play the scientifically and financially approved Madder Scientist slot game on one of your beloved Betsoft Gaming empowered casino platforms, and start to experiment with profit making symbol formulas and gold producing spins. However, remember to stay sane and take a break from time to time, or you might also end up becoming so involved in the gold making game that you forget that there are other good things in life as well, such as for example the luxurious vacations that you can have with all those obtained profits.