Kawaii Kitty Slots

Kawaii means cute in Japanese. So Kawaii Kitty Slots is a suitable name for this slot title creation from Betsoft Gaming, because this might be the cutest casino game you've ever played online. If cute is your thing, then this game is truly a purr-fect match for you thanks to its pastel colors and its adorable kitty pet.

Furthermore, this casino entertainment option is also a great match if you love video slots that treat you to cutting-edge 3D gaming elements. Some of those innovative elements are the win chance increasing both ways pay game structure, and the expanding wild yarn balls. These features and others will get you all excited, so find this game at your favorite Betsoft casino because Kitty cannot wait to start playing with all her toys. Spin them on the reels and you will make her very happy, while at the same time you will be happy to see an increase of your bankroll.

Welcome to Kitty's Pastel Colored World

It has to be mentioned that Kawaii Kitty Slots is truly a beautiful and pleasing game to look at, both in terms of visuals and animations. The game shows you a warm and soft pastel colored room that is Kitty's domain. It is a charming and inviting environment that you do not want to leave once you've entered it. The smoothly animated feline on the right side of the screen is your host during the game, and she is surely a good companion to have around while you make your spins.

Take Advantage of Extra Pay-Line Wins

You are guaranteed to claim some extra profits with this slot thanks to the innovative game play feature that lets you make two wins per pay-line. You can receive rewards for left to right and right to left wins. Make combinations on win-lines with five similar reel attributes and you will double your profits.

Win Profits With Kitty's Favorite Items

The non-feature symbols in this game are Kitty's cute looking belongings. She loves these items but she lets you enjoy them as well. Take advantage of Kitty's generosity and play with them on the slot reels so that you can claim cash profits. You can make winning symbol combinations with the milk box, the brush, the toy mouse, the toy fish, the bow, the bowl of cat food and the can of tuna.

Those items are all very nice, but Kitty has one toy that you will most likely love the most. This item is the wild yarn, and it is connected to the expanding wilds and re-spins feature. Land a wild yarn on a reel and notice how it takes over that complete reel. Your wins will then be calculated while the reels with no displayed wild symbols will start to spin again. The wild yarn icon will only show up on slot reels two, three and four.

Play Heads or Tails to Increase Your Profits

This game provides you with the opportunity to double your profits. After you've made a normal win on the reels, the double up function becomes available. Though keep in mind that you cannot use it when you just played a wild yarn game. In the double up feature, you can gamble with your complete win or with half of it. There is no limit to how much times you can gamble with your profits, as long as you actually have some coins left to gamble with.

Make your choice and select either the option gamble 50% or the option gamble all. You then need to activate your bet with a click on heads or tails. At that moment, the coin starts to spin and the excitement rises. You will receive an increase in profits when the heads or tail guess turns out to be correct. If you're satisfied with the extra profits that you've won, then you can click on collect bank, claim your gains and start to make normal spins again.

Rule the Reels With the Help of Game Play Buttons

Kawaii Kitty Slots lets you play and make bets with a couple of command bar buttons that can be found on the bottom of the main game screen. The 'choose coin' button can be found on the bottom left side of the screen, and it lets you determine bet values that range between $0.02 and $1.00. The 'bet level' function is positioned next to it and gives you the opportunity to play with 1 to 10 coin credits per pay-line. Furthermore, if you have the coins to make a top bet, then you can just save yourself some time and click on the 'max bet' icon. And if you have no desire to click on the 'spin' button all the time, then you can just activate the autopilot mode with the 'auto play' button.

Other buttons on the command bar are the already mentioned 'double up' key, which lights up after you've made a symbol combination win, the sound toggle, the options key and the '?' button, which will take you to a second screen that displays the paytable and explains the available special features.

Give Kitty Some Love on the Slot Reels

Kawaii Kitty Slots is an online slot machine game that will find its way to your heart and your bankroll if you decide to give it a try at Betsoft Gaming software offering casino platforms. It will keep you entertained for hours thanks to its pleasing looks, its innovative game play features and its easy to understand bet settings.

Give Kitty some love and play with her in this beautiful 3D slot. She will return that love in the form of cash wins and lots of enjoyable gaming moments. But if those enjoyable gaming moments are the only thing that you're after until you fully understand the game, then you can also start to make spins with fun balance credits until you're ready to make real cash bets.