The Angler Slots

Be prepared to reel in those big fat profits when you throw a line into the deep cash pool of the Angler Slots. This is a newly released video slot title that boasts an exciting bonus round and other innovative features like for example clingy wilds and free spins triggering pearls. While playing and fishing for profits, you will also meet fisherman Otis. He will be your companion during many lucrative treasure fishing adventures.

Reel in Big Fat Profits During Free Spins Sessions

The free spins scatter icon is a pearl in a shell. One pearl is a precious gift anytime, but you do wise to spin this luxury item three times on the slot reels. Spin three scatter pearls on any spot at reels three, four and five to activate the free spins reward. And while you are using those free spins to make extra profits, there is always the possibility to reel in even more complimentary spins.

Clingy Wilds Will Attach Themselves to Symbol Combinations

You will be happy to see the wild octopus appear when a free spins round is active. This clingy animal will wrap its tentacles around the reel spots during a free spins session, and it won't let go until that session is finished. The wild symbol will attach itself to positions on slot reels two, three, four and five. It functions as a substitute element, which means that it replaces other 'unnecessary' icons in a symbol combination so that wins can be claimed. The wild cannot replace special feature icons so it does not work with the bonus and free spins symbols.

Make Additional Profits With the Time to Fish Bonus Game

The fish bonus attribute triggers an extra game in which additional profits can be made. This attribute needs to appear on slot reels one, two and three in a multitude of three. The bonus game will then launch. In this bonus game, you can show your cash fishing skills. Fish can be reeled in, or they can be pulled from the water. Try to reel in as many of these fish as you can, because the win value is determined on the number of fish that you manage to catch.

Reel in the Biggest Profits With High Value Icons

The high value icons in this game are cute, colorful, and reliable when it comes to paying out big rewards. You will reel in the biggest profits with the fisherman logo. The fisherman needs to appear 5 times on the reels in order for him to reward 350 credits. The shark is the second highest paying item on the game's pay-table, which can be accessed from the main screen. 5 sharks reward you with a prize of 200 credits. The cute looking baby turtle takes on the third position in terms of high payouts. 5 turtles trigger a big reward of 150 credits. The same top prize can be won with the puffy green fish. A red fish is the least paying high value icon in this game. A maximum of 75 credits can be won with it.

Pull Standard Icon Payouts onto the Shore

Besides the already mentioned high value icons, you can also spin a couple of standard symbols that pay cash rewards with a lower value. These reel attributes are the familiar looking card game values A, K, Q and J. The A is your best bet in securing a decent cash prizes, because it hands out 75 credits for 5 hits. The K pays 50 credits for 5 reel hits, while both the Q and the J will give a top prize of 25 credits. Both the standard icons and the high value symbols need to be placed on active pay-lines.

Fish for Even Higher Profits in the Double up Game

Standard wins can become more profitable when you click on the double up icon after they occur. The double up feature allows you to gamble all or half of your newly gained profits. You can gamble with that profit amount for as long as you like and for as long as you have the credits to do so. In the double up section, you have to make a choice between gamble 50% or gamble all, and you need to pick either heads or tails. The double up coin will then start to spin until it drops on heads or tails. Stakes will be doubled if you made the correct guess. Click on 'collect' when you are satisfied about the extra wins. You will then go back to the main game with your newly gained profits.

Fish for Wins With the Game Play Features on the Reels

Your profit making fishing tools are positioned on the main game screen. On this screen, you will find everything you need in order to make the slot reel fishing adventure a big success. You can adjust the coin value of your bet ($0,02 to $1,00), the number of active lines (1 to 20), and the bets per line (1 to 5). Other useful options are also available. These options are the 'max bet' icon (, the 'auto play' function and the already mentioned 'double up' icon. The '?' button takes you to the pay table screen, and the 'spin' button activates all the gaming and betting action on the five available reels.

What Kind of Juicy Catch Will End up on Your Hook in the Angler Slots

Fishing is always an exciting activity because you never know what kind of juicy catch will end up on your hook when you throw out the bait. However, this activity becomes even more exciting when you play the Angler Slots. You will then not only throw a line out to catch the biggest fish, but also the biggest wins. Find this thrilling new slot game in online casino entertainment ponds, throw out your line and wait till the profits start to bite.