Magic Shoppe Slots

The Magic Shoppe Slots is one of Betsoft Gaming's most recent slot game releases. It is built around an occult theme and lets you spin to that theme related symbols on five slot reels. These symbols can be formed into cash triggering combinations that need to land on pay-lines, from which there are 25. Extra cash rewards can be won via special features, and rest assured that there are plenty of those in this game. So all in all, there many exciting things to explore when you play this 3D video slot. If you can stomach its somewhat creepy theme and story, then you're in for a great casino slot game spinning experience.

The Game's Occult Story

The story that supports the theme of this game is mysterious and creepy. Picture yourself walking in a narrow and dark alley. Suddenly, a shop appears on your left. You are drawn to it because of its mysterious nature, but at the same time a part of your mind tells you to stay away from it. You ignore that part of your brain and open the creaking door of the shop. When you step inside, you are being welcomed by a spider web curtain. In horror, you brush it away and look around.

You have now entered the Magic Shoppe. It is a place where occult objects from all over the world are being sold and displayed. Are you a fan of such objects? Then this could be the right slot title for you. Play it and enjoy it, but be aware that you don't cross the Rubicon and let the dark side of this magic world swallow you up completely. It is at the other side that you want to be, because that is a place of light and great fortunes.

Marvel at the Slot's Enchanting Design

The Magic Shoppe Slots offers an amazing visual experience. Some of Its symbols seem to really float on the reels, which creates compelling 3D visuals. The symbols are also smoothly animated and the game breaths atmosphere thanks to its vivid colors and detailed display of the shop on the background.

You can always count on Betsoft when it comes to graphics and design elements, but it seems that the software creator is only getting better and better at its professional trademark. You can enjoy this game for its visuals alone, but it will of course offer you a lot of other perks as well. Take a look at the paytable for instance, because that is the place that will make you excited if you've come to this slot machine to make some profits.

What Is on Offer in the Magic Shop

Venture deeper into the shop and discover all its strange and eerie objects. You're advised to collect these items because then can bring wealth to your life. This is especially the case with the game's high paying attributes. The picture of the skull will especially make dreams come true with its 5000 times the line bet reward, which you receive in return for placing the icon five times in a slot reel combination.

The handcuffs symbol is also a valuable item to collect because it rewards you with a 4000 times the line bet prize if you make a five in a row combination with it. The two daggers are attached to a top multiplier reward of 2500, and the silver coin provides one of 2000. The top hat is the last high value icon on the paytable. It rewards you with a high prize that is 1000 times the line bet. Keep in mind that in order to win the mentioned rewards, you have to play with the maximum number of coins per pay-line, which in this game is five.

Make Special Symbols and Features Appear

The real money making magic takes place at the reel spots that show you special symbols. These symbols can trigger immensely rewarding features and jackpot prizes. In terms of jackpot payouts, you definitely have to pay attention to the wild symbol, because it is able to reward you with an incredible line bet multiplier reward of 12.000. That is, if you play with the maximum number of coins and spin the symbol five times in a combination. In addition, the wild also performs its normal icon substitute duty. It can replace non-feature symbols but not the special ones, which are the magic wand logos and the free spins attributes.

There are two free spins triggering symbols in this game. You can play with sun free games and moon free games. Sun free games will come out of the red sun box logo, and moon free games will come out of the blue moon box. Spin either the red or the blue box three times or more on reel positions in order to trigger the accompanying free games features. The highest free spins reward (12) becomes available when you spin 5 boxes of the same color on the reels.

The third special feature is triggered by the magic wand icon (a picture of two hands and a wand). You need to spin this icon three, four or five times if you want to benefit from its accompanying feature. That feature will turn the moon box, the sun box and the magic wand symbol into wilds.

Go on a Magic Shopping Spree

The Magic Shoppe Slots is a game for slot players who are open-minded enough to believe in magic, and for those who are brave enough to peek into the dark side as well in order to find the best profits. If you are such a gamer, then this brand new Betsoft casino entertainment option is waiting for you in the darkest alleys of online casino platforms. Take a look at what kind of money making magic you can buy with your coins, and make sure that you make it out of the shop with some big profits.