Aztec Treasure 3x3 Slots

Aztec Treasure 3x3 Slots is a creation from Betsoft Gaming. This developer of online slot machines has always come up with original themes for its games. With this particular game, it has brought the historic Aztec civilization to online casinos. It has designed this title in an easy to play 3x3 format, so it will also be a good choice if you like to get to know the inner workings of online slot games.

Travel back to a time in history hundreds of years ago, and dive right into the fascinating ancient culture from the Aztec people. You get a chance to learn a bit more about them, and especially about their many treasures. These treasures can also become yours when you manage to show some skills and some luck on the reels of this game.

Meet the Chief in His Treasure and Artifact Infested Jungle World

The focus of this game's universe lays on the Aztecs and their historic civilization. Play this game and you will encounter one of the Aztec leaders in a lush jungle setting. The big chief loves his treasures, and he is especially interested in colorful gemstones. He looks and walks kind of funny so it is clear that Betsoft had a lighthearted approach in mind when it created this slot.

On the reels, you will see further signs that its theme is built around the old inhabitants of the Central Mexican region. Displayed on the reels are symbols like the headgear, the temple and the skull. Spin the right symbols and you might see a fun animation of the chief. Besides visual thematic elements, you will also be treated to funny sounds and tribal music tunes that create a great atmosphere to play in.

Win Big With the Progressive Jackpot and Other Special Game Features

Aztec Treasure 3x3 Slots has something special to offer, and that special element is the progressive jackpot that is attached to the game. A progressive jackpot is a prize that keeps increasing in value until it is rewarded to a lucky reel spinner, and that spinner might be you. However, in order to become eligible to receive the jackpot, you need to make sure that you play with a maximum wager.

Besides a jackpot that can turn into a huge cash prize when you are lucky, you can also make extra profits with a couple of other special features. These features are the gemstones bonus round that takes place on a second screen, and an available option that lets you hold the reels so that you can spin twice for the price of only one bet.

Try to Find a Rare Aztec Treasure in the Bonus Round

The bonus game in this slot is triggered when you and the chief manage to collect three different colored gemstones. A gemstone will show up on the top right corner of the third slot reel. The chief will then throw the locked gem icon out of its reel spot with his mighty warrior spear, and he will keep the precious piece of colored rock safe until the bonus round is ready to be launched.

In order for that to happen, you and the chief need to collect stones in the color order blue, red and then yellow. The number of gems that you already have collected during your spins is displayed on the top left side of the screen next to the slot reels. When that number hits three, you will be taken to a second-screen where the bonus round is going to take place.

In that bonus feature, you will see three holes in which you need to place the stones. A hidden room will be revealed after a stone is placed in the chosen hole. You will win instant credits when a room is revealed, and you are challenged to discover the rarest of the Aztec treasures inside such a room.

Make Wager Adjustments and Optimize Your Wins

The first wager adjustment option is the small, square shaped 'choose coin' button on the bottom left side of the screen. It is placed on the game details display and lets you choose a coin value that ranges between $0.02 and $0.50. Keep in mind that you will not be able to keep your already collected gemstones when you choose a different coin denomination.

Directly beneath the reels, you will find four round shaped buttons. The one on the left is labeled 'select lines', and it lets you activate pay-lines on the reels. The one next to it is labeled 'bet one', and it lets you determine the number of coins you like to use during a wager on the reels. The button next to that one is the regular 'spin' key, which is a reel activation button.

The last button on the right is labeled 'bet max'. It also activates the reels, but it also automatically makes you play with the highest bet. Lastly, you will see a key on top of the screen that says 'paytable'. Click on it if you like to study an overview of the available symbols and the payouts that they deliver per coin wager number. A few other details of the game are also explained on the paytable page.

Discover the Treasures of the Aztecs

Aztec Treasure 3x3 Slots is a small game that will nonetheless provide you with lots of coins and lots of fun. It is neatly designed with lots of details (something one might expect from Betsoft), and it is fairly easy to understand. A couple of extra features make it interesting enough to keep playing this game, and the presence of a progressive jackpot is a nice and very welcome cherry on the pie. If you are a fan of ancient history and of making money with quality slot games, then you will have no regrets playing Aztec Treasure 3x3 Slots on one of the many Betsoft Gaming powered casino websites.