Diamond Dreams Slots

Diamond Dreams Slots from software developer Betsoft Gaming is a traditional yet unique game. Like many classic slots, it has three reels, but it does not let you make combinations on the traditional single pay-line structure. Instead, you play this slot with five pay-lines, and that is something you will not often see in these kind of games.

So if you want to combine your love for precious gem stones with the love for uniquely developed classics, then you should certainly keep an eye out for this slot game the next time that you visit an online casino. It will satisfy your need for an uncomplicated gaming experience, but it will still be able to surprise you as well.

What You Can Expect to See While Playing This Game

This classic style slot machine has a theme that revolves around shiny and precious diamonds. As a result, you will notice that the highest paying icon is the diamond itself. Since this game provides five pay-lines, you will have extra payout opportunities that cannot be found in single pay-line classic slots. There are two diagonal win-line possibilities and three horizontal ones.

But if you are a fan of old-school games, then you do not have to shy away from this one. Besides from those extra lines, the slot's layout is just as simple as that from any classic, and it also offers you the familiar iconic fruit machine symbols. Spin the reels and you will see the bell, the single bar, the double bar, the triple bar and the seven. As a bonus, you also get to play with the powerful diamond wild symbol.

Furthermore, don't expect to see the amazing visual design elements that Betsoft is so famous for. Besides the already mentioned extra win increasing pay-lines, this game is still a classic. It will therefore provide visual entertainment in the forms of flashy lights and retro sounds, instead of with 3D animations and lively designs that offer lots of details.

Features That Separate This Game From Other Classic Slots

This game is also a typical classic slot in terms of the straightforward features that it offers. However, it will still introduce you to a couple of unique twists. Not only does it has more pay-lines, but it offers the diamond wild attribute as well. This diamond is the most powerful symbol in the game, because it also is the highest paying icon with its 1000 credits top reward.

Additionally, you can also make a unique combination that consists of three different symbols. Combine the 7, the bell and the cherry on an active pay-line and you will win a small credit reward. Those are about all the special game features that his game has to offer. You will not be able to reap the benefits from any extra gamble features, bonus rounds, multipliers or scatters when you spin its reels.

Make a Choice Between Simple or Sophisticated

Diamond Dreams Slots is not a suitable game if you like modern slots with a lot of bells and whistles such as for example bonus rounds on second screens and special scatter features. This might sound boring but there is a considerable amount of players who just want to focus on spinning those reels and making those profits without being distracted by extra game elements. If you are among those kind of players, then you will greatly enjoy this game. Its simplicity lets you only focus on the spins so you can spin faster and thus create more winning opportunities.

On the other, hand if you like more sophisticated games, then Betsoft can provide as well. The company is well-known for its beautifully designed 3D cinematic slot games that are filled with original features. Try titles like House of Fun Slots, The Magic Shoppe Slots and Kawaii Kitty Slots if cutting-edge modern slot machines are more your thing. You can try these games and others for free on Betsoft's own website.

How to Use the Game's Command Keys

The game's main screen provides you with all the information boxes, payout details and command keys that you need during your spinning sessions. Everything is presented in a way that leaves little room for confusion. On top of the screen, you will see the small paytable that displays the symbol combinations that you can spin. It also shows their accompanying payouts. The rest of the game action takes place beneath the paytable.

There is a red coin denomination button on the left side of the screen that lets you make a choice between the coin values $0.02, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25 and $0.50. Furthermore, you can click on 'bet one' if you want to activate or deactivate one, two, three, four or five win-lines. Keep in mind that more active win-lines trigger better winning opportunities.

Winnings will also increase if you place high bets, and that is why you should certainly make use of the 'bet max' button if you're budget allows it. That button automatically activates the reels, but you can also put them to work via the regular 'spin' button. While spinning, you can keep an eye on your available credits, your payout results and your bet settings. These game details are displayed on the left side of the screen.

Collect the Gems and Win the Cash

Diamond Dreams Slots is a no fuss classic game that nonetheless offers you something extra to cherish thanks to its wild feature and its five pay-lines. The theme of the game is also an attractive one, because who doesn’t like to possess precious gem stones. So if it is your dream to collect some diamonds, then you must certainly play this slot machine game. You can spin them often on its reels, and they will give you lots of cash rewards in return. The game is available at online casino platforms that work together with Betsoft Gaming to give you the best gambling entertainment options on the internet.