Birds! Slots

Birds! slots is one of the cutest slots games that there is. Instead of the birds spinning on a reel the player will see them flying off the wires that make up the five lines of the game. There are five reels and twenty five paylines in this game that can be played for fun but of course the real money game is where the real fun comes.Players can choose coin sizes that start at $0.02 and reach as much as $1 per coin size and the player can place as many as 10 coins per spin.

The Colorful Wild

In this game the wild symbol is the colorful bird who when appearing on the screen also chirps loudly and comes to the forefront of the screen giving players more winning options by substituting for other symbols. At the side of the screen players will note a tweet-o-meter that rises with the more winnings earned. When the player has filled the tweet-o-meter he wins free spins depending on the amount that the meter has been filled. Four tweets awards the player 8 free spins, five tweets awards the player 12 free spins, six tweets awards the player 20 free spins and seven tweets awards the player an additional 14 free spins.

To Gamble or Not

At the end of any winning spin the player can choose to gamble his winnings by choosing either the heads or tails of the bird coin. The gamble feature can continue for as long as the player wants or until he reaches his gamble limit. At the end of the gamble feature the player is taken back to the main screen to continue with the base game. This game is so much fun because instead of the traditional reels players see the birds flying away and in their place new birds come and when a win is made the winning birds disappear and are replaced by cascading birds that arrive in their place.It is so much fun to see and also very cute to play.