Jackpot 2000 Slots

Jackpot 2000 slots is a simple three reel slots game with five paylines. It looks just like one of the original one armed bandit machines with a few upgrades. Being a digital machine players can hit the spin button after choosing a coin size ranging from $0.02 up to $0.5 and the player can place up to three coins per spin. Once the spin button is pressed the player just has to sit and wait to see if he has won anything. The symbols include cherries grapes, lemons and the special monkey clown. The monkey clown acts as a wild symbol and being this wild he can substitute for other symbols and in this way complete a winning payline with a mystery multiplier.

Special Gamble Feature

There is also a special gamble feature that is offered at the end of any winning spin. The game feature offers the player to choose heads or tails , both of which flash at the player. Once the player has made his choice he watches the light flash between the heads and tails on the screen and waits in anticipation to see where it comes to rest. Winning is always a good thing and it can double or quadruple the winnings for that spin but losing, loses the winnings for that spin and the player reverts back to the main game. Simple clean fun with a chance to win large sums of money is the best way to describe this game.